How to create Slices that don't have lengthy silence ?

i have a stereo drum track with much silence between the single drum hits which i wish to slice into small individual wav files for using these in a drum sampler later in a different project.

i want to set the slicing so as to only include the particular drum hit as such. i do not intend the slice end to merely correspond to the beginning of the next slice which would cause each slice to include a silence tail.

each slice must be as small as possible, no silence tails in the individual wav files.

already i know how to set the hitpoint detection and how to actually command the slicing to take place.
but i couldn’t figure out how to do what i now described. is it at all possible with cubase studio 5.5.3 64bit (this version i use on a pc with win 7 64) ?

it can’t be that i have to manually edit each slice to remove the silent ending in all of them.

who knows something ? thanks for any hints.

The way I would go about that would be to use the Range Selection tool to highlight the silence and then delete it. You would want to make sure you do your editing with Snap to Zero Crossing activated, but you just might still need crossfades in addition.

Wavelab has a Trim function that will remove excess audio depending on your selection. (If Studio has this you could give the following a try):

Open the Sample Editor and set your hitpoints to encompass each drum hit along with it’s silence tail. Then choose Creat Events under the Hitpoints tab. You could then drag’n’drop these events to another app like Wavelab, and proceed to trim them.

This is the most efficient way with the tools I have available, Studio may be more capable though.

Isn’t there a detect silence function?
Try this:

Never mind, I found the most convenient solution myself:
Look into the English operation manual:

Page 216 Audio processing and functions
They call it “Detect Silence”. it pretty much automates everything about removing silence. I tested it and it is way better than anything else that could be used to perform that task.

Thanks to you, Bane, anyway.

Thread can be closed.

thank you, Strophoid, as well.

oh lol, you found it at the same time I posted it.
At least I tried :wink: