How to create something like this in Elements 5?

I need to archive that in dorcio elements?

Use the caret. You can input lyrics anywhere, with the caret, even with no notes attached. Simply put the grid resolution to a 8th note, place the caret on the up-beats and Shift-L, +, enter.

thank you, and how do I break the two staffs like in that picture?

Use a Coda.

you can hide the Coda in the Lower Zone

thank you. but its probably not possible to change the spacing between the two right?

Engrave mode. / Note spacing. Alt /Right arrow

I don’t think this is possible in Elements, only Pro.

Fes_lehu that works. thank you. why on earth is there the need to hold alt to do anything with note spacing instead of being able to drag with the mouse.

So far I still have the feeling Dorico Elements was a little waste of money… dunno. I need to create worksheets for students with one guitar voice most of the times…
Stuff like in the following picture. But it seems that Elements is missing to get that done fast. Maybe I am wrong. I just started it 3 days ago to using Dorico. And I thought it will be kinda superior to Musescore 4… but till now, it feels like wasted money.

This shouldn’t be a problem in Dorico Elements 5.
At the beginning it’s not easy to find all the menus to change things.
You’ll see, if you have a bit practice in Dorico, it won’t be that bad.

good to hear :slight_smile: I like some stuff really in dorcio like that’s showing if a system is too overgrown in percentages and so on. I just can’t find any tutorials on how to do worksheets, except for the pro versions… there it seems really easy. Create Flows and Partials, then insert text and Music Frames… and finished. But in Elements, it’s hard to get around. Couse every tutorial I find using frames and stuff like that… and its allways like… great… I don’t have that button or function you just where mention … u know what I mean?

Im sure, in Dorico it won’t take more time either. (After a while.)

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