How to create staves without players

I just want to set some canons and exercises with no specific player. Similarly I may want to make manuscript paper. I can’t see how to setup a score without having to actually create a player.

Are you supposed to pick any random instrument and not use the name and so on?

I know this is similar, but I still want to ask.

I guess I want player /dev/null.

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That’s what the “Sketch” section is for in the add instrument dialog:

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Is this just for printing? There are loads of MS paper resources on the internet. Here’s one:

Or it’s probably easiest just to draw 1 line in a drawing app; step-repeat it a set distance 4 times; then group, duplicate as many times as you need, and distribute evenly.

If you really want a Dorico project of MS paper, here’s one:

Manuscript paper.dorico (383.1 KB)

You can set individual music frames just to show empty staves, if needed.

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@mducharme That’s brilliant. I never noticed Sketch before.

And thanks to all in this thread for your kind help. Just what I need.

That is so great, because I need sizes not necessarily available in pre-baked PDF’s.

The blank MS paper Dorico project is superb.