How to Create Swells using only one note with DXF & CCs

Okay this is the problem:

I want a swell effect for a specific note from a midi instrument, however, I am unable to achieve that under cubase.

For example pp < ff for one note (swell effect).
Although I have been working with velocities to tweak dynamics in Cubase, they only work for changing dynamics for several notes. For instance, lets say you want to increase dynamics from pp to ff using one note. This is not possible using velocities. This means it only shows up as one velocity, meaning a specified loudness and you can’t achieve it.

I did some research and I ask for your help.

  1. CC#7 (not 17) and CC#11 are use for swells.
  2. If you need a big swell, the timbre will change and you should look at using a DXF patch (on a separate track) and a combination of CC#1 (which controls the cross-fade between the soft timbre and loude timbre patch) CC#7 and/or CC#11.

Here are the particular questions.

  1. Do CCs refer to instrumental channels 0-127? I have a midi keyboard but it is very basic. I am not sure of the correct channels but I noticed that when I scroll 0-127 it alters the instrument on my privia. Since my instruments are limited they skip a series so I can never tell what resets what. I want to set a CC for EWQL Symphonic Choir to reset word builder. But I can’t get it to work.
  2. And if this information is correct where do I begin.

Lets say I have one note and I am aiming to create a swell.

  1. I set that note on a midi track in cubase
  2. I configure CC#7,CC#11. How do I do this? I don’t understand this part. I have no mod wheel. Is this still achievable doing the old fashion clicking? Setting it to channel 0-127? 2 layers cc7 and cc11? Is that what it means?
  3. I configure dxf patch. Okay I look at the layers in cubase and I can only add a midi, a instrument, or a audio layer. I see how dxf patch.
  4. So its configured. Now what? How do I create the particular effect? Soft to loud? Can I modify the DXF patch?

Thank you a ton in advanced. I am looking for answers by researching but I am still a little loss.

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