How to create transposing layouts out of a single instrument/player


i’m evaluating Dorico Elements, having used Sibelius previously. I’m arranging for a small brass band. Dorico seems to be a great product, I like it.
Im struggling with one issue:
I have the need to print out scores in different keys for the same stave. For example print out the “Trumpet 1” in C, Bb and Eb for the trumpet players and the Sax. (Yes, the guy can only read C notation – beginners).
The only way I found out to achieve this in Elements seems to be to copy the player and its music and change the instrument. (Or switch the Layout to non-transposing, but this is limited to C key + 1 instrument key). I don’t wont to copy players, because it seems wrong for that use case, counter-intuitive, and if I’m going to change something later, I would have to do this for the copied players as well. It seems that the Pro version has such feature? But the Pro version is out of scope for me, I’m not a professional. Please help.

Firstly, welcome to the Dorico Forum.

This feature requires the Dorico Pro. You could get a 30 day trial of Pro and setup a template file. Or, if you specify exactly what you need, someone with Pro may be willing to create one for you. We’re a friendly lot here. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.
I installed the Trial of Pro moments ago… Yes there is now an extra option in the Layout menu. Not comfortable and seems a little bit misplaced at this position. Would have expected that feature near the checkbox “Transposing” in the layout settings. What is really needed is an “instrument override” for that layout.
Transposing instruments is a feature needed especially for instrumental beginners and mixed private ensembles.
Dorico Elements should support that in a simplified mode. (Have the bells and whistles like custom clefs in the Pro?).
Did you mean: Create layout templates with the Pro version and use them later in Elements? This will work? Seems a quite inflexible approach…

Well, this is the point of Pro: there are features in the $500+ version that aren’t available in the $99 version!


“Pro is as pro does” maybe? You would know best, but when you are arranging for a band with multiple transpositions and such… there is probably an awful lot in Dorico Pro that you could use…

What you do, is create a new Part Layout. Assign an instrument to it, the right click on the Layout and select Clef and Transposition Overrides… . Here you set the transposition.

Here is an example file…
Transposition.dorico (388.2 KB)

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Thanks for the help, example and explanations. So only the Pro version makes sense for me. Hope to find a good within the next weeks.
Dorico team: Please consider to make such a feature available in Elements.

Any template files you setup in Pro can be used in Elements. So, unless your instrumentation needs are constantly changing, Elements may suit your needs.