[How-to] Creating Tracks and parts

I have Cubase 7 mac. I have tried opening the Tempo track, select the Pencil tool, try to click (nothing), followed by opening the Process Bars tool - I click on the Process button (nothing)

Why is it so difficult just to create a new midi track and add some notes?

Because that is not the process to create a new MIDI track.

The process is to go to the Project menu>Add Track>MIDI

Then, create parts and open them in the key editor, or simply record on to the track.

I have created a new track - Project> Add New Track> Midi.

How do I create new “part”?

Cubase 7 Manual p. 92:

Creating parts
Parts are containers for MIDI or audio events, or even for tracks (see “Working with folder parts” on page 98).

Creating MIDI parts
A MIDI part is automatically created when you record. This will contain the recorded events. However, you can also create empty MIDI parts and later add events to them.

There are two ways to do this:
• Draw a part on a MIDI track with the Draw tool.

You can also draw parts by pressing [Alt]/[Option] and using the Object Selection
• Double-click with the Object Selection tool on a MIDI track, between the left and right locator.

Thank you sir. I assume that in light of the post above, that after I create a small part, then I can use “Process Bars” dialog to generate more bars?

No. There is no need for Process Bars at all at this point. You can simply resize the part using the select tool. have a read through the manaul and check out the getting started videos for Cubase on Youtube.