How to cross stem in to second instrument?

I need to do this:

Pic is from Behind Bars, which is the Bible we all worship, right? I’m told to can’t be done but maybe with a workaround. Is there one? If not, do any of the competitors do this (I have no experience with the others, but this is a necessity for this piece and I really don’t want to hand write it). Thanks!

I’ve answered this in your Facebook post.

(Spoiler: as long as the instruments are held by the same player, as in Gould’s example, you don’t need a workaround.)

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Thank you! I tried it, but I think I was doing opt+n by accident. Not sure if it matters that in my case I was using bongos (two lines) as the top instrument. Will try when I get back home tonight.

Well, I’m trying to do this with bongos on the top and for some strange reason when I push ‘n’ then the note just disappears. I don’t see any way to do this with a two stave percussion instrument on the top.

I posted my solution on facebook, but I minds well do it here:
Ok, I did seem to find a workaround. I created a new two line instrument. The only thing weird is that when I push ‘n’, Dorico will only move the note to the same line that it was on in the lower stave, and then it won’t let me move the note up and down in the upper stave. So I just have to be sure and put it on the correct pitch on the bottom stave before pushing n. It’s not perfect, but it works for now!

Ah, and unfortunately playback doesn’t work correctly with my solution. The bongo notes still belong to the marimba and pushing the note up with ‘n’ doesn’t even make the note go to the right instrument in the play section. OK, so this woraround will do what I need for notation, but not playback.