How to crossfade between 2 Kontakt patches?

Hi, I’m currently playing with Cubase 6 Expression Maps and I was wondering if it was possible to crossfade between 2 patches?

Let’s say I have a sustain patch and a tremolo patch. When I play a single note, I would like them to blend from one patch to the other for a smooth transition, without having to play the same note again.

Is there a way to do so?

If you use a Midi-Track you could use Midi-Sends to send to a second Kontakt in the Rack.
and use a Crossfader Plugin:

or you load 2 Patches in one Kontakt and use the Mixer in Kontakt?

By using Expression map, you can send just static (one) MIDI message, not sequence of messages, which crossfade needs. So Expression map isn’t the right one technology for this.

This might be a better question for the VST section of the forum but…

You can do this by loading both patches into the Kontakt window, assigning the same MIDI controller to both of their volume sliders, then inverting the response for one of them so it goes up while the other goes down. You do this by changing the From % and To % values in the MIDI automation tab of the Auto window in the Kontakt browser.

If the automation tab I’m describing is not familiar to you, it’s detailed in the section of the Kontakt manual called “Automation Tab” (which is section 12.7 for me, I’m on Kontakt 5). It takes some investment to understand how it works, but then you can do all kinds of esoteric MIDI control things like I just described.

I predict this will be moved to the VST Instruments forum in 3…2…1… :wink:

we can just do it in Kontakt if we find something what does what you we like and can be controlled by NE.
maybe there Macro controls?
there are some entrys in the Transoformer which should can handls NE data, for use in the Midi-Send to control another plugin for example or use a MidiLoopBack workaround, but:

I tried your method and read the chapter in the Kontakt manual you mention, but it can’t make it work. When I move my fader, wether I set the From % and To % values or not, it just moves the 1 volume faders of the 2 patches together.

Maybe the Cubase Input transformer can achieve the same thing?

You could also attach a controller via de Amplifier modulation page instead of learning the controller (maybe that’s what meta-redundant means too).
In Kontakt Instrument → Amplifier Modulation → Add modulator → External → MIDI cc → fill in your cc# and invert one of the instruments.
You can also adjust the envelope there if you don’t want the crossfade to be linear.

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You have to set it like so:

Instrument 1: From% = 0, To% = 100
Instrument 2: From% = 100, To% = 0

Make sure you are clicking on the right CC in the list above, or nothing will happen!

You can also use the Amp module inside Kontakt as Niles mentioned, and you can hit the “invert” button for one of them – but this involves editing the patch instead of making a MIDI assignment on the top level. If you feel comfortable doing this, it will of course work :sunglasses: