How to customise templates

Hello all,

I want to start a new project, maybe for an ensemble I never written for before like “String quartet”. I select it from the available templates and I create a new project. I this point the project is missing my usual few initial (and possibly final) pages that contains my logo, a large image background, the instruments list, etc. (and I have 2 different sets: one for A4 and the other for A3).

Until now what I’ve done in this case is to open a previous project and I reproduce in the new project the title page and so on, copying the numerical detail of frame positions and size from the previous project.

Being that I’m a bit bored of this approach, I wonder if there is a better workflow I can follow, that allow me to do it quicker and with less errors.


Up until this point, your workflow probably wasn’t the quickest - you’d likely have been better off duplicating a previous project, deleting its flows, deleting its players and then adding new players and flows.

The relevant change in v3.1 is that you can now import and export Master Page Sets (and thus Master Pages). See page 27 of the Version History for how to do this.

Yes, I’ve discovered it and started working on my Master Page Sets (one for A4 small ensembles, and another for A3 orchestral).
I think it’s nice. The only missing thing is converting a page into a master one… I hope for the future.
Thank you.