How to customize Rack Mediabay?


Mediabay in Rack could be useful for me - at least in theory, but not as it shows right now. When using floating Mediabay, I only use it for searching SFX without any category, sub-category, etc. window and basically only with filename and BWF Description. And most importantly, only from a specific drive where the SFX samples are located.

How can I customize Rack Mediabay to behave in the similar way?



Click to the Set up Windows Layout (Shift + F2) in the bottom-left corner of MediaBay window, and make sure, Define Location is enabled. In the Define Location part of MediaBay, expand VST Sound, and disable all subfolders. All VST Sounds disappear from the MediaBay, now.

Expand File Location and under the Local Disks enable all disks, where are your SFX stored. Or go deeper, and enable dedicated folders. Also disable all folders, where are your SFX NOT stored.

MediaBay content will be updated, and you can see only your libraries.

Yes, thanks, that is a trick which should do it. However, at the same time I lose my Halion and other VST content in Mediabay, which I need from time to time. Seems kind of stoopid to disable them and then have them scanned all over again when needed. What I’m really looking for is Rack Mediabay to respect the Use Current Selection as Base Location flag, set in separate Mediabay window. But it seems this feature has been omitted.

Hopefully it’ll get added in the future, where can I submit the feature request?

In the Feature Requests and Suggestions forum on the Nuendo 7 page.