How to cut out an entire section of existing song?

Hi all,
I’m trying to do a song project in which I import a MIDI file and then record audio tracks as well.
There is one section of the song I’d like to edit out. When I selected the range and cut that part out, it left a big hole in the score from 350 to 390. How do I cut the section between 350 and 390 and have the parts before and after those points link together to form a seamless edit and get rid of that empty space?
If cut 350 to 390 and then copy 390 to the end and then cut the ending out and then paste the copied section to 350, the instrument voice changes, and I can’t change the voice back to the proper instrument sound. It’s supposed to be a drawbar organ sound but it changes to a piano or another keyboard sound that sucks.

this is the file I’m trying to edit the section out of:

How do I get those sections to come together after I cut out 350 -390?

Thank you.

Use the “Cut Time” function

Aloha r,

In the MIDI file there probably is an inserted MIDI message (event)
called: ‘Program Change’, telling your sound source to bring up a certain sound.

These ‘events’ are usually put near the beginning of the track
but can also be inserted all along the MIDI file.

You need to find these messages and delete or modify them
to the sounds that you want the sound source to play.

In any version of Cubase you can use the ‘List Editor’ feature to find
and eliminate/change these messages.

Here is a link to a thread on a somewhat similar topic.

HTH (hope this helps)

Exactly as Steve posted.


Of course after this, you may want to create some crossfades on audio tracks, but it’s still a no-brainer process. Takes anything from several seconds to few minutes depending on track count.

Just for my own education… What is wrong with simply using the “Cut Time” function? It will also remove any program changes during that time won’t it? (Although I have never used program changes, I think I understand what they are and how they work so just wondering if I am missing something)

Probably nothing. I’ve never used it and don’t think I’ll ever will. It’s workflow thing: I want to be the master and computer to be my slave. I don’t want computer to make complex operations for me and later scratch my head: “what did it do? did it cut on the right place? …” I prefer doing things in multiple simple steps.

Well, I have said many times, “If you want something done right, do it yourself!”
Thanks! Your reasoning makes perfect sense…