How to cut out bars and squash up the rest ?


Suppose I’ve recorded some MIDI in CPro8 which is 50 bars long. I want then to cut out bars 10 to 15 and move bars 16 to 50 to tag them on to the end of bar 9. Deleting 10-15 is no problem. At the moment I collapse 16-50 to get all of it onto my screen and right click and Ctrl to move it all to the left to fit end of bar 9. It’s very fiddly and not easy to achieve. Need I collapse at all ? Can you use the left and right markers somehow to make life easier ? In fact, how would you squash 16-50 up to end of bar 9 ?



Experiment with the shuffle grid mode a little, maybe it does what you want to achieve.

I think this is the function you’re looking for: Edit -> Range -> Delete Time (key command on windows: Shift+Backspace)

If you want to move bar 16-50 to the end of bar 9 for all tracks at once: set left locator to beginning of bar 10 and right locator to end of bar 15, then apply Delete Time.

If you only want to do this on one track without affecting the others: use the Range Selection Tool to select the range to be deleted on that track, then again: Delete Time.

BTW, what do you mean by collapsing? Is that zooming horizontally? If so, the “G” and “H” keys are probably my favorite key commands on my keyboard…

Hope this helps,

Great info Dirk. I was wondering about how to do this about 3 weeks ago, so thanks for this.

As for ‘G’ & ‘H’, they’re among my favorites too, but they stopped working today.
I had 7.5.20 open and then 8.0.10 Pro and those 2 keys didn’t work in either version today. Bummer.

Many thanks all. I’ ll be in front of Cubase later today.

By “squashing up”, I mean joining bars 16-50 up to the start of bar 10 by horizontal zooming so “G” & "H " is where I need to go. Thank you


So I tried this today, and it worked - after a few user errors - that is.

I had a long 3-part song, and wanted to divide it into 3 separate tunes, an needed to cut different sections out.

So thanks again, Dirk. :smiley:

Oh, and my ‘G’ & ‘H’ worked again today - go figure.

Seems Cubase can be very fussy and finicky whenever it wants to be.

I’m just getting oriented to Cubase and, while the Operations Manual is generally good, posts like yours are helping me put it together faster.

Thanks for a helpful post.

Yes, it seems that the manuals for most if not all DAWs are lacking for sure.
If they would take the time to make detailed manuals from the start, they’d free up much of their technical folks for more serious issues, I’m sure.

Anyway, happy to help wherever I can Stephen.