How to De-activate multiple plugin inserts (not Bypass) in MixConsole?

In the stand-alone mixconsole (F3), I have a number of channels with various inserts (EQ, compressors, etc). I want to either select a single track and de-activate all the inserts, or preferably select multiple tracks and de-activate all the inserts. I don’t want to bypass them. I don’t want to remove (delete) them. Cubase offers a multiple Bypass option, but I don’t see a way to make them inactive. My approach is to write the music with midi and VIs and apply some basic insert processing across all my parts. Once the basic composing is done, I free up resources by bouncing the midi to audio, and de-activating unnecessary plugins. Bypassing them does NOT remove the load on the CPU. I may need to revisit some parts, so I make sure to keep my midi tracks and plugin inserts in the project. I just don’t want them active and draining limited computer resources. Thanks!

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Sorry, there is no way, how to deactivate all Inserts of the given track at once. You can deactivate them one by one or Bypass all of them at once.

Hello,you can Freeze the channel.

I would forward to this functionality in a new release. Really helpful if you’re not the person who does recording and mixing in two entirely separate steps,but rather in iterations.

Hmmmm, interesting. For some reason, eve after years and years of using Cubase, I never used freeze as part of my usual routines.