How to deactivate a single 3rd party plugin

I found out why the sampler track is crashing Cubase. You have to deactivate 3rd party plugins. But if you want to pinpoint the troubled plugin shutting it off or hiding it or disabling the asio-guard in the plugin manager won’t help. You somehow have to deactivated it singularly I guess. There’s no way that I can narrow the troubled plugin down because I don’t know how to reactivate it after deactivating 3rd party plugins in the preference panel. The plugins won’t turn on in the track inspector either.Any help.


What exactly beam by deactivation the plug-in, please?

Do you mean to bypass one plug-in insurance in the project? Or deactivate one plug-in intense in the project?

Or deactivate the dedicated plug-in in the Plug-in Manager?

Or remove it from the plug-ins folder, so Cubase doesn’t see and scan it at all?

I think that if I’m able to deactivate one single plugin inside of a track in a project that causes the sampler control to crash cubase, if I deactivate the one troubled plugin then the sampler control will not crash…
This problem has been around and talked about for a long time in many versions of Cubase. If you know how to stop the sampler control panel from crashing Cubase 11 when you drag a sample or part into it please let me know if one proven fix.


Sorry, you haven’t attached any *.crash/dmp file, which might help.

So how did you deactivate the plug-in, the one you want to activate back, please?

That’s what I’m asking on this forum…how do I reactivate a single plugin, if possible. After I deactivate all 3rd party plugins in the preference panel I want to go one by one to see which plugin is causing the crash. Maybe there’s another way of doing that. You can still use the sampler control for editing but you have to deactivate all 3rd party plugins first. I have no idea on how to run a compatibility test if possible or maybe after finding out which plugin is bad and uninstall and then reinstall or try another similar 3rd party plugin.


You can do it in the Plug-in Manager or you can remove the plug-in from the folder.

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