How to Deactivate Tempo Mark Playback

Hi, is there a way in Dorico to deactivate a Tempo mark playback? I’ve done a lot of manual playback tweaking and Dorico plays my piece in a way I wisch. All “official” Tempos in this piece are greyed (because they are overwritten). The problem- I forgott to put one Tempo mark on a 4th bar. If I do so - Dorico overrides all my work. Is there a way to put a new Tempo and deactivate its playback? Not sure if I do have to wirte it as a Text now because of spacing in parts etc…

I do have another file with a perfect timing and I was trying to solve it while exporting a tempo track. But it didn’t help, as importing it into an actual project all tempo marks (for musicians) will be deleted.

Just use text?

Ben is right. I’ve found very useful to add two paragraph styles that mimic Immediate Tempo and Gradual Tempo (both still Font styles) so that I can use system text and it really looks like a Tempo marking without any other tweak.

Thank you, I think I found another solution - just on a next eighth note I created tempo I wisch and put a new Tempo straight before, so a new Tempo mark does function just 1 eighth note long and it doesn’t affect all other changes I did :blush: