How to deal with Fermatas in Cubase


I am trying to figure out how to get the barlines to line up with a MIDI track I have exported from Sibelius that included fermatas. Cubase is playing the proper notes, so it plays back nicely, or at least the same length is given that Sibelius did, but it makes the notes sort of all over the place in respect to the bars and beats.

Is there some way to mark a beat as a hold/fermata or otherwise manually change how long a beat should last, or change where the barline is at least? At least at the moment I don’t need the click track to line up, it would just help me for editing to have the barlines match the score so I can find things more easily.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance, and sorry if this is posted somewhere else already. I only saw posts about Dorico when I tried to search for it.

Try using the TimeWarp/Warp grid function in the tools at the top where the tools are located, see if that will give you what you want