How to debug a cubase core/robust debugging system FR?

I have Cubase crash on me at important times, and I’m sure many will say they have a rock solid system so its some plugin’s fault. Fine.

Now, how do I debug using the Cubase core dump (if it produces one) so that I’m not guessing the mystery plugin (and no, the usual plugin elimination methodology won’t work because this crash happens randomly).

If Steinberg developed a tool that can analyze a core file and tell me what went wrong, we’ll be much better at fixing these issues ourselves instead of complaining in the forum. It will lead to a much better user experience. Please consider this request.

I’d even go as far as a remote debugger app that attaches to Cubase so that once it crashes we will have all the relevant information, if this is something that can’t be root caused through a core file. Knowledge is POWER.