How to decrease the monitoring volume?


I’m composing/mixing at a low volume (about -10dB) but when I want to record something like my guitar, the monitoring volume is WAY too loud compared to the level being recorded (about -20 dB). It’s so loud it almost covers every other instrument.

How can I manage to reduce the audible guitar level while recording without reducing the recording level?

Not sure I’m understanding you correctly, but don’t you just turn down the channel fader?

Nope :wink: Turning down the channel fader of the guitar won’t reduce the volume I’m hearing while playing but the volume while played back.

But I think I found the culprit: when I start a new project, I select link all audio channels and set them to -10dB. I configured my mixer so input are hidden. But they got also selected in the process, and I saw they were at -8 or even -16dB.


But this raises another question: how come when I’m selecting all my output channels, it also selects my input channels???

Theres three wee things to the left of the mixer that sets the target, make sure you have the correct one/s selected.