How to Delay starting Recording by 10 seconds

I need to hear a phrase that is say 20 seconds long but only want to record the last 10 seconds. If I can’t hear the whole phrase I can’t come in/start playing/recording - on time. Whenever I start recording it starts recording instantly and I need a “listening delay” and then I can come in on time. Can this be done ?

Try the punch in/out.

To be more specific thats “Auto Punch in”. Put that in your search text box in your PDF Reader and search for it in the Operation Manual.
Basically you want to set your locators to define the start and end of the block you want to overdub, activate Auto Punch In and Out, then either set the cursor to 10 seconds before the left locator and hit record (or setup a 10 second preRoll to automate this as well). The phrase will then play back and the moment it hits the left locator, it will automatically switch into record mode.

Thanks for the reply - I’ll give it a try .