How to delet .wav files from pool

So basically i went into my projects audio folder and there were still .wav files from takes that i have already deleted.

is there one quick easy way to delete the wave files from the audio folder that are not in my actual project.

i just see that taking up way to much space over time.

really sorry for the noob question!

Go in the pool, remove unused media into trash, empty trash

so there is no way to like let it delete those files on its own? for it to be like oh well this is not used in the final bounce so we can delete this!?

There is no option I know of.

It is actually useful to have to do it manually (though it only takes a couple seconds), a few times I deleted an audio region and if it auto trashed it, it would have been bad :blush:

Ahh yeah i see what you mean. also i just realize if i bounce the project what ever takes is on that track, it takes the name of the track … so i can just delete everything thats not GTR or GTL in the pool… now its just discording that missing files warning upon loading a track?..

Also is there a reason why my cubase won’t let me choose to install 64 bit? when i clicked the cubase installer it just installed and didn’t give me a 64 bit option… I’m running osx lion with 12 gb ram so id like to utilize some more of my ram but I’m fine with 32 bit now… but i know eventually ill look into bridging.

How do you know that the 64 bit version wasn’t installed automatically?? Did you try opening it as per the info in the forum sticky?


I actually noticed something after making my post.

If I send unused media the the trash, then empty the trash and select delete from hard disk, it still leaves image and peak files for the delete files.

Now those associated files are very large but it can add up. Kinda wish it would delete all associated files.


Why you don’t use the “Backup Project” function in Cubase ?



Could you elaborate on how this can be useful for purging the audio/images/edits folder of unneeded files?

Try it and find out?

It will save only the material thats being used and has options for some other file space saving.

Tried it and I found out. You bloody genius with your practical advice.

It seems that whilst backing up your project you can select to 'Remove Unused Files." This seems to purge all folders (audio,edit,images) of the unneeded/used files.

Nothing quite like a good bit of hands on… I always say :laughing: