How to delete a layer preset

I created a preset in a VST instrument and saved it using the VST Live facility. The preset duly showed up in the plug-ins tab of the media bay under the Manufacturer->VSTName->Preset name.

I can drag-and-drop it onto a layer and it works great (I love that facility btw).
However, I can find no way to delete the presets that I no longer want. I have gone through the manual and the forum all to no avail.

Any suggestions ?


Sorry,. another missing piece in the puzzle. At the moment you cannot delete an User Preset. We’ll add a “-” control and a context menu to one of the next Pre-Releases. But you can delete it from your hard disk while VL is running. Then VST Live will remove it from the list.

Win : …/UserDocument/VST3 Presets
Mac : /Users/Username/Library/Audio/Presets

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No problem - thanks for that info.
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