How to delete a page

If a page has overrides (red corners) then Dorico won’t automatically delete it. If these pages are empty, it’s quite likely that if you right-click on page 27 and click “Remove Page Override(s)”, that page will disappear. Repeat for page 26.

If I try that, all text frames are deleted as well through the whole piece. I just selected ONE page and than deleting overrides.

Why can’t there be a simple “selecting page” than hit a trash symbol and its gone? This way of thinking round the corner for such simple things will stay a illogical for me.
Really unnessecary .

If you only want to remove overrides from one page, use the Remove Page Overrides function. If you want to remove overrides from all pages, use the Remove All Page Overrides function.

Thank you for your answer, but sorry finally I do not want to remove any overrides a just wanted to delete a page.
And I did what you said I just select one page inside remove override but why ever, what you kindly suggested didn’t work.The ones with the red corner dont disappear after removing the overrides, and at the ones without colored corners there his no option for romping single changes.

Thank you for your patience. Its just Dorico thats stressing

Are you definitely selecting the correct menu option?

This should only remove overrides from one page:


Alternatively, try clicking this button in the action bar: remove_overrides_button

As to deleting pages / removing overrides: an inserted page is an override, in that it overrides the usual flow of music frames using the Default master page. That’s why the terminology works the way it does.

If you want to “save” a set of frames that you added to an empty page that you inserted, you can instead create a custom master page - you can then assign that master page to any page you like, including multiple pages in the same layout.

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Alternatively, try clicking this button in the action bar:

I already did that. Everything is still in its place.

That’s why the terminology works the way it does.

I understood that, but honestly I really think it should be the other way round:
It should be possible to delete a page, and may be in the background Dorico removes overrides or whatever. It is again something that I think it should be really simple, so that even me as an absolute non expert should be able to do , but its is hidden behind subroles etc which makes it, sorry , unnessecarily complicated .
Thank you

I think it’s Hard to guess without seeing the project, but it seems to me that deleting that one page has a cascade effect on the following pages (which I also encountered can sometimes happen).
Could you upload the file for us to see?

You need to show us a screenshot of your Engrave mode Pages panel. Normally, Dorico just adds enough pages to fit the music. If the music becomes smaller, the pages become less.

The only time you might need to delete a page is if there are extra blank pages at the end, which are staying there because they have overrides.

Here is the screenshot, I´d like to delete the last pages…thanx for help

Check out the seiten window, on the top right of your picture. Show the little pages at the end (you need to use the elevator on the right) and you’ll probably notice there are overrides. Simply removing those overrides (context menu on them) will get rid of empty pages.

This is the menu that appears, and there is just “alle seitenabweichungen entfernen” which shows that there are no single Overrides and this leads to removing all overrides, which is wrong.
Or is there another menu?

There need to be more pages after page 9. scroll down a Little, and if they also have a red triangle chose „Seitenabweichungen entfernen“ instead of „Alle Seitenabweichungen entfernen“ on only these pages.

Those are not the right pages (that’s why I told you to use the elevator…). Check the very last pages (10 and on, I suppose…)

Thanx to everybody, finally it worked.

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