How to delete audio events based on predefined length!?

Hi All!!

Let’s say you have recorded several takes, chosen the best parts and then comped them - you are now (based on the length of the take and edits made) ready to clean up the final part with crossfades, etc to make sure it sounds good!

However, sometimes while making edits and cuts you end up having small miscellaneous slices in between your edits that you want to delete - you could of course zoom in and manually delete them (as I have done for years), OR (I am hoping) create a macros or key command to automatically have the small cuts deleted! This would save me a lot of time!! Is there a way to create something like this and have it worked based on a predefined length so as to only delete the mini slices?

Please look the attached pic to see exactly what I mean by “mini slices.”

Super grateful for all help!!

Sure, a simple Project Logical Editor preset can do it. For example the following, that deletes all the MIDI or Audio parts that are at most three seconds long.

You probably want to add a Property > Property is Set > Event is selected to the filter section above and always select the events in a track you want to do the action to, so it doesn’t always delete all the under three seconds long events in the Project.


Thanks a lot for your reply! I will try this tomorrow - never used the Logical Editor before - can I also create a key command in conjunction to this?

Sorry, just in case should also state it requires Cubase Pro.

And yes, you can add a key command for a preset after you’ve saved it. They’re in their own folder in the dialog.

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