How to delete background


I cannot find a workaround for this problem:
Normally its easy to delete the background of a text. Like here:

But in another case it seems impossible. Like here:

The difference between these two examples is the original placement of the text. In the second example I had to move the text some bars to the right in order not to split the multibar rest by placing a text somewhere. But this wouldn’t be the problem. The problem is the frame break in between. So, if there is a frame break the deleting of a background doesn’t work anymore.

Can anybody help me? Deleting background without splitting the multibar rest …

Thx in advance!

A text item on one system won’t erase the background on a different system. You’ll need to find another solution to this problem. Perhaps use a text frame that you add once the layout is finalised?

Thanks, Daniel! Workarounds are the last possibility for me normally, so I wanted to find out first if there is a on board solution.