How to delete cursor position list

Hi all …

I use the right click cursor position from the status bar every song. There is one position (500ms) which I habitually use to visually position the start of audio in a montage.

Most infrequently, I use it for something else.

When I right click, in addition to to 500 ms position, the list contains many other remembered positions. As I am prone to selecting the wrong one by accident, I want to delete these so that only 500 ms is left.

I am sure this is easy to do, but I just can’t see how.

Any guidance?

If you are speaking about the cursor dialog, then the memorized list of values can’t be edited.

But I can suggest you an alternative: use the range editor. Eg. you can create a preset to select the first 500 ms of a file. You can even attach shortcuts to this preset.

Thank you PG!

I was indeed referring to the cursor dialogue. All good.

Thanks for the range tip!