How to delete extender lines from solfege entered as lyrics

Lyrics - Chorus (solfege) I put above the staff with regular lyrics below the staff… I cannot find how to make the extender lines disappear.

I get the strong feeling the Dorico crew is going to completely revisit how lyrics are handled in Dorico. Of course, that will take a long while, but a workaround will more than suffice. Thanks, all!

I find this workaround, but Engrave has the ‘Select All’ option greyed out. To activate the Line End X property for these lyrics, I cannot select lyrics to change their properties save by going through each lyric one by one.

The instruction wasn’t perfectly clear. It means “… select them all in Write Mode, then switch to Engrave Mode…”

I must admit, one of my grievances with Dorico is that it is difficult to select things in engrave mode (and more to the point: that it is not uncommon from 2.2 onwards to have things selected and switch to engrave mode only to have them be deselected because 20 minutes ago you adjusted some note spacing and forgot to switch that off). sigh.