How to delete GA Expansion

I have no idea how I managed to do this, but I have the Prime Cuts expansion showing up in Groove Agent and I don’t own it. I must have downloaded it by mistake and installed, and then uninstalled it. Dunno. I found a lot of presets with red icons to the left and figured out they were all from the same expansion: Prime Cuts. I checked my Groove Agent content folder and the .vstsound file for Prime Cuts is not there, so I think I just need to get them out of whatever index file is created for the browser.
Does anyone know how to do this? The highlight and hit the delete key didn’t work.

Does it show in Library Manager?

No it doesn’t. That would be too easy! I found the Content XML file and was searching through that but didn’t find it. It was strange though. Even though it was in the Groove agent folder, it had all the content that shows in the right zone of Cubase.

Did you install version for GA4 or GA5? The older one is using an installer. The new one is just a vstsound file. If you had the old version you might need to uninstall it from windows programs and features.

No, didn’t have GA4, just GA5. I switched to Cubase at version 9.5 after the Gibson debacle with Cakewalk. I checked the content folder and didn’t find it, but just to be thorough I searched both that drive (my samples and libraries drive) and my C: (OS) drive and didn’t find it.