How to delete ghost files in Cubase media bay

Hi there,

If anyone can help it’d be greatly appreciated. There are these so-called ghost files in my library that don’t exist on the computer. When I click on them they don’t play, and when I delete them in media bay they reappear again later. When I double click and click open folder nothing happens (becuase they file doesn’t exist). Re-scanning my folders doesn’t help. I’ve read a few posts mentioning re-creating the folders and then deleting via Mediabay. However, I’ve got waaaay too many folders to go through that whole process. Also, it’s not very logical - I’d think Cubase shouldn’t have this bug in the first place. And I’ve had this issue for over three years now. In case I’ve missed something, could anyone let me know what options I have. Because this issue is driving me nuts as I always have to go through non-existing files (a lot of them duplicates too).

Thanks for reading through and apologies if it comes across as whiny. I’m on Cubase 9.5 if that’s of any help.

I would delete the mediabay db in the User Settings Folder.

%AppData%\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5_64\mediabay3.db