How to delete Instrument Sets?

I have a couple of Instrument Sets show up in H4’s media bay that are empty (Halion Sonic SE Artist, Pro, etc). How can I remove them from the list?

Been trying to figure out how to delete/rename things myself. No luck yet…

Goto the Mediabay from Cubase not Halion 4. There you can open content in Explorer, Rename, tag etc.
Mind you though tat Halion4 content is locked and cannot be unlocked somehow.

I face a similar issue with Halion 5. In the list of instruments, I see an instrument that I had installed in Trial. Before the trial license expired, I uninstalled the instrument using Windows’ Add/Remove Programs. It was removed from the list of instruments in Cubase but it is still in the list of instruments in Halion 5. If I select it, the Cubase freezes with a warning about the license.

UPDATE: I managed to remove the instrument using Windows Explorer: I searched for all files containing key words from the name of the instrument (I searched for “Hypnotic”, for the “Hypnotic Dance” instrument), then I removed the relevant files. Cubase needs to be closed, for the files to be unlocked for deletion by Windows.