How To Delete Instruments in Media Bay

I’ve only switched over to Cubase Pro in the last year, from PT, and am just loving the experience.

I am still learning all the time, and still feel like a novice…

I wanted to find out how one can delete VST instruments shown in the display captured in the below screenshot:

The ones that are blacked out I no longer use and want to clean up the display of them.

Also, I wondered if anyone could point me to where VST 2 plug ins are stored for Cubase on Mac, as there a bunch I’d like to get rid of.

Thanks much

You want to use the Plugin Manager which allows you to create Collections that only show you the plugins you want to see. it also has an information section at the bottom which can be opened or closed. When open if you select a plugin you’ll see the pathname to its file. You can actually do quite a bit with it, so it’s worth taking a peek at the manual.

Hi. Just open plugin manager, highlight the ones you want to get rid of and hit Delete. It would be better to follow Raino’s advice though, and leave the default collections alone and create your own custom one(s), even if it’s the same or nearly the same as the default. That way you always have the complete set as backup.

Thanks to both of you I really appreciate it… This is such a deep and powerful program I am still stumbling through it but loving every minute of it!