How to delete MIDI notes without deleting their CC automation

I have tried to find the answer to this question in the manual and on the net, but did not succeed.
The situation is a bit bizarre and definitely unnerving. In an example I have a passage of MIDI notes with their CC automation. The notes are controlled by key switches (like staccato or legato) and every time I delete even a single key automation changes. In my example every note had its key switch and when I deleted all of them the CC#1 went to the nearest next value, in my case to zero and the whole modulation disappeared. I tried unchecking “automation follows events” but this changed nothing.
Any help here will be really appreciated.

Screenshots, please.
Which Cubase?

If the events are stored on a VST automation lane, you might try MIDI/Merge in MIDI loop. This throws up some options, one of them being to Convert VST3 automation lanes into CC events for the resulting part(s).

To get the opposite effect see, MIDI/Functions/Extract MIDI Automation.

Another possibility is that you’ve recorded or converted CC events into Note Expression events that are ‘note bound’ rather than floating freely on the timeline in a part. I believe these can be dissolved back into free floating CC events in the part(s) with MIDI/Note Expression/Dissolve Note Expression.

Again, to get the opposite effect (converting CC to NE) see, MIDI/Note Expression/Convert to Note Expression.

To Johnny_Moneto:
C12.0.52. I attach 2 screenshots called “before” and “after”. On the first you will see notes, key switches and automation (CC#01), on the second key switches are deleted, automation is flattened to adjacent values, but notes, of course, remain. Such situation, when you spend hours working on music, is infuriating. I have tried pretty much everything in Preferences and ended with nothing useful, hence the post. If anyone on this forum knows the reasons and solutions I will be very happy to learn.
To Brian_Roland:
Nothing was recorded here. It is a trivial MIDI with hand-inserted switches and automation. I also do not use note expression because some of my libraries are not VST3 compliant

I found the source and solution of the problem. It is not trivial due to editor window’s organization. The key editor has a function “auto select controllers”. When active it does what I illustrated on screenshots, i.e. every selected note selects its automation and deleting it removes the automation. When deactivated you can freely move/delete notes, automation stays. This whole issue highlighted two resulting issues: editor window setup and manual usability. The editor window with full toolbar, when opened on a monitor with relatively small resolution (like 1920x1080) will truncate its toolbar in a simple mechanical way. In my case the “auto select controllers” button was for years at the end of the toolbar, so it disappeared from my view. At the same time I have a shortcut assigned to it, but very, very rarely used, so, honestly, forgotten. As it happened I accidentally hit it without notifying the fact and I did not see any signals, because the “auto select” icon was hidden after truncation. That made me to very carefully reorganize the editor’s toolbar to avoid repeating such a stupid mistake.
The second issue is the manual. Before raising the issue on the forum I tried to search for any hints in manual. Putting “delete notes without deleting automation” gave links to irrelevant answers. After I have found the solution I put in manual search “auto select controllers” and got hits everywhere except for the chapter entitled Auto Select Controllers. It is not the first time that I found searching for particular subjects in the manual rather ineffective.

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Glad you found it.