How to delete Midi track

Cubase AI 9.5. I am a total beginner (so forgive any idiotic questions…).

In an empty project (no template used) I wanted to start by adding a drum track. I opened Media Bay and found a Groove Agent SE drum kit that I double-clicked whereby an Instrument track automatically was created into the project window. Then, in the Inspector window, I clicked on the Edit instrument symbol for the drum track (just below the line titled Groove Agent SE). From the Groove Agent SE window I selected a drum pattern and dragged it into the project window, however, accidentally I missed the drum track and dropped it just below on the empty space where there was no track. Then automatically a MIDI track was created with some piano loop AND also a VST Instrument track was created with HALion Sonic SE and HSSE Main (whatever that is). Now to my question:

How do I delete that VST Instrument track? I managed to delete the MIDI track (the piano loop) and the Instrument track (Groove Agent SE drum kit) but I tried everywhere to delete the VST Instrument track, but so far in vain. Of course I can always delete the entire project and start all over again, but I just thought it would be rather strange if there was no way to delete an VST Instrument track…

you need to click on the instrument name on the right side rack and choose no vst instrument and then it will let you delete the track

you can also change it so when you put a midi track it wont make the halion sonic track by going to preferences/midi/midi file and changing the destination box to midi track

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So I just had similar problem!
I solved by going to the right panel where the vsti 's are listed"Groove Agent" or “Halion”
in the groove agent/Halion plate… click on the preset name as you would if it were in the channel strip and a list of vst’s will show select “no Vst”
and it will be removed