How to delete Page in Engrave Mode

Engrave Page
Hi, i have made a custom master page in page 1 and 2 but another page that i haven’t need is here now (3-4-5). I can’t delete these page that i don’t need, how to selectand delete just the page we want to delete? thanks

Click on page 3 and remove both the Master Page Change and Page Overrides (les exceptions, but not toutes les exceptions).

This page in the French manual might be helpful in clarifying both how to remove pages and what causes unnecessary pages to come into existence. You may also want to read about page overrides in general here.

I find it’s not very useful, a right clic and “delete the selected page” will be more intuitve. For the next update, could you work for the worfflow of Dorico ? Thanks

I suspect this is highly unlikely to change.
Dorico adds and removes pages based on how much music there is.
The only time that extra pages exist is when the user creates overrides. If you want to override pages, fine, but don’t expect Dorico to tidy up for you automatically.

It’s not for make the delete automatically but simple and useful option with right-clic “delete the page” for override page or not.

What do you expect Dorico to do with whatever’s on that page if you click “delete the page”? What do you expect Dorico to do with your overrides if you “delete the page”?

Just delete the page because i have ask Dorico to do that.
Dorico must to be of service of the composer and not the composer spend many time to time for find popover code or simple things like delete a page. I don’t know if you understand ?

Cher Charly87,
Vous êtes le bienvenu sur la page Facebook des utilisateurs francophones de Dorico, si ça vous dit. J’aurais pu vous expliquer ce que notre inestimable pianoleo vous a expliqué, mais en français. Une fois qu’on comprend ces histoires d’overrides (exceptions) le comportement de Dorico est limpide. Ça n’est pas “intuitif” (mais dans un programme aussi vaste et complexe, qu’est-ce que cela veut dire ?) mais c’est cohérent.

Coucou Marc, oui en effet je vais rejoindre le groupe, il y a beaucoup de point positif dans Dorico mais aussi beaucoup de point négatif sur la fluidité de travail.

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Je ne suis pas d’accord pour la fluidité. Il faut considérer qu’il s’agit d’un nouvel outil, qui nécessite de mettre en place un workflow particulier. Une fois qu’on cesse de lutter contre l’outil, il est très performant.

In your opening sentence you wrote that you’ve “made a custom master page in page 1 and 2”.
You haven’t; you’ve overridden the existing pages on an individual basis. If you’d created and used custom master pages, you wouldn’t have the extra pages at all.

Master Pages are complex; it’s very easy to get into a mess. If you’d like some help with how to use them correctly then please don’t hesitate to ask (and I see that Marc’s offering, too).

I think it has to be said that at the moment, if your minimal screenshot is to be trusted, you’re fighting against the workflow and expecting it to work in a way that it doesn’t. The good news is that when you go with the designed workflow it’s predictable and everything tends to fall into place.


Ok thanks

I find it’s easy to create page overrides without realizing it, and then getting into trouble later. I wonder if it could be useful to have a dialog box or something that says, e.g. “You are creating a page override, which may affect your layout”. The dialog could have a small “Do not show this again” checkbox for people who are already aware.