How to deliver Atmos on BD or USB-Stick playable on 4k BD-player?

I can’t find the mp4 output like in the Dolby Production Suite.

I’d like to output a file that can run on a 4k BD player on an USB-stick or BD without needing a dolby production suite or mastering suite.

I don’t want to deliver a masterfile in wav, adm or so. I want a playable mp4 to distribute and play through a BD-player and AV-Receiver.

I don’t want to be bound to Tidal or Amazon Web Services or a Dolby Suite to have a playable, distributable format.

Have a quick search (Google). There are a number of free / or very cheap services that will convert your ADM BWAV for you.

Thanks, but that‘s, what I meant with AmazonWebServices (mediaconverter). I‘d like to be independent.

But so far I had to use it.

Here is my first test: