How to deselect event without clicking in background?

Greetings! Curious if there is a way to deselect an event without clicking empty space? Reason being is that when clicking to an empty space during playback, the playback is interrupted.


There is a function/key command ‘Select None’

But the ‘Locate When Clicked in Empty Space’ is also a preference:
Preferences>Transport>‘Locate When Clicked in Empty Space’

awesome, thanks! that gives me a couple options to experiment with. I do actually remember selecting ‘Locate When Clicked in Empty Space’, dont remember why I did that now :slight_smile: Maybe that because that would be the functionality of Live, so I will try that first and see if that hinders me, and if so will set key for “select none”. Thanks again!

Alt+Shift+Clicking will locate the playback cursor to that mouse click, I prefer that over the ‘Locate When Clicked In Empty Space’ pref.

Either way, I coach myself to use ‘Select None/Shift+A’ because I hate mouse clicks, and, it means I can be “Selecting None” and moving my mouse to a task while I shift+a deselect.

Cool, that sounds like a good way to go about it! Just set the custom key command “N” for select none. Had to over ride a maker key command that I dont see myself using, for now at least. Thanks again!

Since I’ve got myself using ‘Select None’ command all the time, I’ve also experimented with ‘Select Track on Background Click’ which I’ve found actually to be pretty useful in speeding up workflow