how to "destructively" do an automation pass?

I am trying to mix 10 songs out of a long performance in 24 tracks.

What I would like is to go to the start of a song, set all faders knobs etc. to where i want them, then go into write mode
and obliterate any and every setting as I go through a pass.

An analogy would be like how pro tools handles it, click the write button on a track, make your destructive pass then
it toggles to latch mode when stopped.
Nuendo used to work like that (I think in version 4?) before they forced the read on when you click the write button.

For the life of me I cant grock how to simply start overriding all automation at a given start point. I Have read the help
but am missing something.


Uhm… why don’t you just switch to ‘latch’ then?..

Because i would have to touch every fader or pan or anything that i wanted to latch.

Every song is going to start out at different values, different pans, EQ’s etc.

I assume you want to just write for the particular song/section? If so, set your loop points around the song in question, open the automation panel, engage “loop” and off you go (this will write the value across the loop upon punchout.

If you want to keep looping over the section make sure the automation preference (located via the gear icon on the automation panel) “Continue Writing” is enabled.

You can also engage “Preview” so you can set your levels without writing automation and then when you’re happy choose to punch those changes in.

There are also a variety of functions available within the automation menu which might be helpful in your scenario.

Thank you thank you!

The preview and punch on play was it, where do i send the six pack of beer? :slight_smile:

First off, if you have your tracks’ automation set to “global” then any tracks’ automation will follow whatever “global” is set to. So no need to touch every fader in order to enable latch. Just set latch on the automation panel.

Secondly, do what likelystory said. And to clarify, when he wrote “engage ‘loop’” he probably meant setting “fill” to “loop”. This way when you punch out of recording whatever value you’re punching gets set to your loop-selection.

If you include many different items, then I recommend using “Preview”, again like likelystory said. It’s very convenient. And if you want to make sure you catch every parameter of a plugin don’t forget to enable “touch assist”.

EDIT: Just saw you saw his post.

Thank you all so much.