How to detect tempo of multiple clips/tracks?

Is there a function in CB6 that will detect the tempo of ANY track or clip in the pool - without generating a project tempo track?

A “work around” I have been using is to Tempo Detect each track, enter that result to the pool for that clip, and then delete the tempo track and move to the next track and repeat.

Is there a more direct way to do this?

No, there is no diferent way. But Cubase (MediaBay) can detects tempo of some files automaticaly. This is not tempo map, just a static tempo.

Hmm, OK.

I have two audio tracks that I brought into Cubase from two different tape recorders and their speeds are slightly different. How would you go about matching the tempo of one track to the other so they line up?

I tried running “Tempo Detect” on one of the tracks to define the project tempo. Then I tried using the “definition tool” and musical mode on the other track - but it made a mess. The timing on the second track is constantly moving around - not what I wanted.

Is there a way to use just the start and end points of the tracks to align their tempos rather than “audio warping” every 1/4 note?

Maybe this is best done complelety MANUALLY?? :open_mouth:

In this case, if you know, these records have exactly the same length, I would recommend to use Time-stretch tool, and do this manualy.