How to determine if a plugin is 32- or 64bit?

Hi, Is there a way to determine whether a particular plugin is 32- or 64-bit within C8? I assumed this info would be provided in the plugin manager, but I couldn’t seem to find it. Cheers…

I suspect you need to switch the view under the manager list to show details of plug rather than the plugin paths.

I suspected the same thing, but no dice. Thanks for replying though.

Sorry not at DAW to check.

So the other way is to open the plugin selector and there will be a symbol indicating any 32bit.
Three slashes are vst3 and three slashes enclosed are32bit

Cool, I learned something new. I was aware of the three slashes for vst3 but never noticed the other (enclosed) symbol. Thanks for pointing that out.

Unfortunately I now realize that all of my Variety of Sound plugins are 32bit. Bummer.