How to direct monitor Inputs in Control Room UR 824

Hi there. Please help me with the control room.
All the Tutorials you can find tell you how to connect and listen to already existing Audio Tracks and cue mix them for several
Musicians. - That’s also quite easy to understand.
But none of these Tutorials tell me what is the best procedure to connect the singer or instrumentalists signal directly to their headphone.
My new Steinberg ur824 gives me the option to open the Hardware Rack but no chance to directly route the input to cue mix 1 or whatever.
Do i really have to create an audio Track - turn un the cue send - click the monitor symbol to hear something in my cue mix??
This way i would have to turn on and off the monitor symbol every time i want to listen to the track or want the singer to hear her/himself??
That’s absolutely stupid.
So i guess there must be some easy solution to my problem?? Am i right??
Thank you in advance for answer!