How to Dis-Associate Audio Files

I’m working in Cubase 11 on a Windows 10 PC

After completing a recording, I created a template by making some last adjustments to the mixer and deleting all audio files from the workspace.

It’s a long and unfortunate story as to how but the files from that recording ultimately ended up coming to be deleted from the HD. No worries as I consider the that project to be 100% done and I’m happy enough with it.

My issue is when I try to open my new begin work on another project. Cubase pauses opening the template and asks me to resolve all those missing files. I don’t know why it is even looking for those files as they do not appear anywhere in this template. I’ve checked and there are no hidden tracks where those audio files may be hiding.

Frustratingly, the options in that little error box do not include an Ignore or Delete. I guess I could create a new template from scratch but that would take quite a bit of work. Is there an easy way to disassociate those old unused and deleted files from my template? Thanks.

Yes, open POOL (ctrl+p) , right-click and select “remove missing files”. Save and you’re done

You’re right; it was that easy. Thanks for the quick response.

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