How to disable ARA extensions?

Anyone know how to disable all the ARA extensions? I’m in the mid of a huge project and my HD is filling up with 70GB of SpectraLayers cache and also my project shows a “Transferring…” bar (which looks very much like the colors and design of SpectraLayers) every time I make a change in the tempo track. Then everything freezes and crashes when the progress bar changes to “Finishing transfers…”.

Also some error report logs have the word SpectraLayers in it indicating this might be the problem. I urgently need to be able to work soon since I have a huge deadline in a week so I want to try disabling SpectraLayers totally or even all ARA extensions.

Anyone know how to do it?

Last resort would be uninstalling the program it but there is no uninstall app anywhere (I’m on mac) and I guess deleting it from the Applications folder probably wouldn’t be enough.

Oh, and I already tried right-clicking on each audio event choosing “Remove extension” but this didn’t help so I want to totally disable SpectraLayers.

Hi Toni,
I went through the same problem. I found if I select each audio event separately I can then use the extension column on the “info line” to either flatten the extension or remove it completely. After I did that my .npr file went back to normal size. HTH.


Thanks for this tip!

After talking to Steinberg what I did was to actually uninstall Spectralayers totally from the machine and then when Nuendo loads the project it just says that it will ignore any ARA Spectralayers information. So finally I could work with the project. Steinberg support suggested using the free and simple AppCleaner (AppCleaner) to remove Spectralayers totally.

But I’m never using Spectralayers again on big projects anymore. Had loads of crashes and problems until I removed it. It might be good for smaller proejcts (one track) but otherwise it’s not usable on film score projects or similar in my opinion.