how to disable/bypass a lane of inserts like in protools?

is it possible to bypass all effects in a lane? e.g. if the first insert on every channel is an EQ it would be utterly handy to be able to bypass them all at once without bypassing the rest of the inserts on a channel. i think in pt this is done by alt-clicking or stuff. or is it a case for the feature suggestions?

Yes, you can do this in Cubase 7. Quite often I put Slate Digital VTM’s or some third party compressor on the same slot of the insert buss on all my tracks. Often though it is helpful to bypass them all for reference and performance related issues without bypassing everything. You just select the tracks you want to bypass and in the insert rack just alt-shift the power button on the insert slot you want. It will turn the effect off across all the channels. In fact it is smart enough to not turn off a dissimilar plugin. If you have an EQ on most of the tracks on insert 1 that you want to bypass, but say a compressor on one single track in insert 1 it will remain on. Hope this helps - easier to do than describe, but it works!

Awesome this is what i wanted, didn’t realise it was possible.

Now i just need unlimited insert slots.

From the track view, you can bypass all insert plugins at once in a given track by clicking on the symbol just to the right of the ‘Inserts’ tab, the square that’s bisected by a horizontal line. The symbol turns yellow, and inserts all are bypassed together.

(As an aside, alt+click on this symbol ‘resets’ inserts – what this means in practise is that active inserts will be bypassed, while already bypassed inserts remain unchanged.)

FWIW, you can also click on other tabs in track view, eg. clciking on the ‘Sends’ tab symbol will bypass all sends, and the same for EQs, Note Expression, etc. This is a handy feature.


thanks, i know how to bypass ALL effects on a track, but i was going for this very handy feature:

ha! great! i even tried alt+shift+click but not having the channels selected it didn’t work. this does the trick. thanks a lot.
Edit: oh nice. this even works for creating new inserts. :mrgreen:

I’m reluctantly necroing this thread.

Where can I find information about the shift-alt/option plugin row disable in the manual? I’ve searched quite a bit and I can’t find it.

Thanks man! I was sniffing around for this and couldn’t find out how to do this.