How to disable confirmation dialog when overwriting plugin presets

i know what i m doing so this dialog simply is a waste of time. i couldnt find a global setting where to disable this popup/dialog. if someone knows where to find it pls enlighten me. fingers crossed this setting is avail . thx


If you mean the same dialog I have in mind, you can enable the “Please, don’t ask again” option.

we are talking a different dialog then since that option doesnt show. to clarify things: i simply want to overwrite an existing preset of ANY of my plugins. i first click ‘save preset’ in the plugin’s ‘upside down triangle’ top row. then i left click/chose the preset i wanna overwrite in the plugins presets menu and then click ‘ok’ and then this annoying dialog will pop up. the dialog says ‘file exists!’ and offers only 3 options: overwrite, cancel, assign unique name. i wanna overwrite by default so the dialog wont pop up no more


I see, this is other dialog. I’m not aware of the way, how to avoid this confirmation dialog.

:frowning: so it seems there is no setting for this as i assumed. why does steiny assume users r that high when producing so they dunno what they r doing/where they r clicking :wink:

Judging by many of the questions in this forum and elsewhere, for many users that seems a correct assumption.


word ;). still cant believe steiny forgot to make a setting for the few users with a brain though :frowning:

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To be fair, even the most brainy and focused among us have probably experienced that “uh-oh” moment that happens when we just did something stupid that we didn’t intend to actually do but did anyway because we were not concentrating for a little moment and now we have just overwritten the work of six hours.
The problem is that all these “Are you sure?” dialogs are not the solution to these situations because we are usually so annoyed by them that we acknowledge them without thinking all the time.
The only solution is making frequent backups.
A really good solution would be having a filesystem that does have automatic versioning for files (preferably configurable per directory). Sadly, none of the current mainstream operating system support this…

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Or just use your normal backup program and add a daily incremental backup

  • of the Steinberg Preferences Folder
  • of the Steinberg Installation folder
  • of Plugin preset folders (usually in “Documents” on Windows

This way nothing gets lost and you dont need a lot of disk space either.

Sure, that’s what I meant, make regular backups . Although I consider the Steinberg installation folder not backup-worthy, Documents is more important, with “VST3 presets”, “Steinberg” and plugin folders. And for what’s it worth, just add a full image backup, disks are cheap! :smile:

I backup the installation folder as well, because once I did a maintenance update, which was not working and I could easily go back by replacing the installation folder from a backup I made a day before! Now you can easily reinstall older versions, so that wouldn’t be necessary anymore in theory.

Yes a full image backup is standard procedure (I hope) for everyone! But if you do that one weekly it should be fine I guess :slight_smile: