How to Disable motorized fader without pulling powercord?

i remember i red somewhere its possible to disable/enable the motorized fader with some cc121 button combination and without pulling out the power supply.
didn’t find it in manual.

Never heard of that :confused:
You could of course mod your power lead with a pushbutton :slight_smile:

Sadly this feature only works with Reaper and not with Cubase. I’m switching between these two DAWs regularly and I’m really missing this one in Cubase (along with some other cool features of the Reaper integration). :cry:

yep i heard reaper has better customization and operation of cc121 than cubase (strange isn’t it?)

anyway i thought i red about disabling cc121 motorfader with cubase too… i guess i mixed up with reaper thread somewhere.
never mind let the fader jump and keep in shape :wink:

I´m not sure,
But I believe that if you dissconect the power supply it will stop the motorized fader.

yeah i know that :wink: read my first post on topic…
i’ll change topics headline :exclamation: