How to disable or toggle the faders to control vst and track volume and pan

I`m a new kid in town with elementary issues with cubase, so hello to everyone :smiley:

I`m changing my daw to cubase and got myself an arturia keylab mkii 88 and I like cubase so far .
One problem though.
I have AnalogLab open and when I use my faders and knobs on my controller, they start to control the parameters in AnalaogLab. is there a way to disable it or even better, a way to toggle it between the track and vst so that I can change between controling the AnalagLab ( or any other vst for that matter) and the track volume and pan?

Thanks in advance,

Hi and welcome,

There are 8 modes on the there Arturia KeyLab (at least on my Essential 61). You can switch them by pressing the Map Select button and then press the pad. The 1st tab is AnalogLab, the 2nd one is DAW, which is sending Mackie Control data via Arturia DAW MIDI Port.

So, enable Mackie Control Device in the Studio > Studio Setup and set its Input and Output to the Arturia DAW. Thenyou can control the AnalogLab in the AnalogLab mode, then press the Map Sect > DAW (pad 2) and switch to control the Mixer (faders and Pan).