How to disable projects automatically activating?

When I have multiple projects open and I want to close the one that is currently active, and load a different project, cubase will automatically activate one of the projects you opened earlier that you haven’t closed yet. This is extremely annoying and time consuming when you are working with large projects like me. Is there any way to disable this feature?

For example, let’s say you are working on a project and want to make a drastic change. You will save and rename it as something new. Now let’s say you need to open the old project for reference. All so far is fine, but say you want to then close the project that you were using for reference (To save on RAM and etc) and open a NEW project. You will not be able to do that. Instead you will be forced to activate the project you opened prior and wont get the chance to open the new project. This has been plaguing me for years now and it’s starting to wear on me since I need to jump between projects frequently for reference.

Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately this is not possible. You always have to one project active.