How to disable score following playback

Hello all,
when I’m working on a new score I often use the first flow for the score itself and a “sketch” flow where I import things recorded in my DAW, or just write down ideas here and there.
When I transfer those things from the sketch flow to the main one I use 2 Dorico windows, one for each flow, and every thing is fine (e.g. selecting from the sketch and copying into the main flow) until I play the main flow, because now both windows will follow playback. So each time I stop playing, I need to scroll the “sketch” window until I find back my position on the sketch flow.
Is there a way to stop following playback on a window/view basis?
If not, then please consider this post a feature request.

All my best and thanks for you work on Dorico.

Preferences>Play>Playback… uncheck follow playhead during playback?

You mean like some kind of “Follow Plackback” switch on each window?



I am so used to look at the toolbar that I completely missed the switch in the status bar.
Thank you very much for the hint @benwiggy