How to disable two voices at the same pitch playing together in double stem notes

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 10.53.44 PM
This is harp music I wrote. Dorico plays both up stem and down stem voices at the same pitch that causes some phase cancelation resulting in nasally sound. I remember at some point, I enabled double voices to play separately. I forgot where I set that up.

I want only the longer notes to play and the short ones not play at the same time. Anyone know how to?

The only way to do this, off the top of my head, would be to select any notes you don’t want to hear and Suppress Playback in the Properties zone.

At some point while writing this (or playing this) Dorico had some pop up window asking if I wanted to play same pitched note separately, and I did “yes”. I don’t remember exactly where I did that. So, I believe there is a way of solving this more systematically. That passage is quite long and repeated multiple times.

I think you’re misremembering the prompt you think you saw, @yvawoo. Dorico doesn’t have any pop-ups that spontaneously appear to ask you how you want something played back.

Sounds a bit like you clicked on “Enable independent voice playback” in the Play area.

That might be it. I was using independent voice. I am using Dorico, Logic and Ableton all at the same time back and force. Might have been confused also.
Thank you.

So, no option to avoid playing two notes at the same time in Dorico?

Thank you.

Dorico does omit doubled notes in the same instrument in playback if you haven’t enabled independent voice playback. Do you need different dynamics or anything in the different voices? If not, you can turn IVP off.

Wow. Thank you so much. I might have not been too confused after all. Probably I saw it when I turned independent voice playback on. Later I turned it off and some areas Dorico started playing double notes. I may have stored old version prior to turning IVP on. I will compare.