how to display current page on "pages" of "right panel"

how to display current page on “pages” of “right panel”

Dear Doricorians,

While making parts, we should sometimes create blank pages to easily turn pages in performing.
Currently, we should select the wanted page on “pages” of “right panel”.
To do it, I must know the page number and then must select the page on the panel, then I can select the insert pages.

Often I feel it is not easy to find the correct page.
Is there a way to graphically synchronise the currently displaying pages in the editor and the page the “pages” panel?

No, but it’s a worthy request!

Note that it does work the other way round: if you double-click a page in the Pages panel, the corresponding page will be centered on screen.

Thanks! Yes, it is now better with your suggestion.
However, it would be more convenient a “Page panel” if “Page panel” acts as the thumbnail in Preview and Acrobat.

Hoping the Dorico team implement it in a future version.