How to display minor triad add 9?

When I type"Cmin(add9)" in the chord symbol popover, Dorico generates it as Cmi9. This is not correct, as the Dorico-generated chord name includes a flatted 7th while what I want is just a minor triad with the addition of a 9th (the notes C, Eb, G, D). Same issue with Cm(add2) being generated as Cmin2 (which might be technically correct but it’s not the way I prefer to see it). How do I go about changing this behavior (the Cmadd9 is the most important one right now)? I’ve looked in Engraving Options/Chord Symbols and can’t get it happening…thanks for any help you all can provide.

The default appearance in Dorico would be “Cm(add9)”, so I think you must have changed some of the options in order to get this to display as Cmi9. For example, what have you got set for “Appearance of added notes”?

If you could post a short example project we could take a look.

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Thank you, Richard - that’s what I needed to see. Yes, I had indeed changed the default appearance and didn’t notice the option to get it back when I looked before.